Control your JmGO Projector via your phone or tablet

JmGO App

Your JmGO Projector can now be controlled via an app installed on your mobile phone or tablet.

To download the app simply locate the QR Code inside your JmGO Manual and via a QR Reader app you can scan the code to download the app.

In order to pair up your JmGO Projector with the app you need to connect your JmGO Projector to a WiFi network or Mobile Hotspot. The app will scan the wireless network for any JmGO devices that have been successfully connected and will automatically pair up the device.

Key Features

  1. Power On/Off Button
  2. Home Button
  3. Focus – Button
  4. Return / Back Button
  5. Focus + Button
  6. List Button
  7. Navigation Buttons including Select Key
  8. 3D Button
  9. Scroll Down to access Volume Feature
JmGO Remote App Show Volume
JmGo Fun Control App

We highly recommend that you download and install the app and pair up the JmGO projector to your mobile device in the event you lose the remote control or run out of battery life on your remote.